Monday, January 24, 2011

Yeah, It's Cold

And I've decided not to order any new seeds. Really. I want different things, but then, who am I kidding. I'll have hundreds of seeds going out of date in the coming years. So, I'll plant what I got. I did, however, get a couple of free seed packets from my irrigation supply order from Peaceful Valley Farm Supply. I requested leeks and carrots. In season, undoubtedly I will pick up some starts from one of our Brooklyn nurseries. I may even head on over to the Brooklyn Botanical Garden, after one of our many snowfalls this winter, to photograph and buy some of their many seed packets on display in the gift shop.

All in all, I am dissatisfied with the mail order/online process for seeds this year. Hmm. Either they are too highly priced (Scheepers), too complicated (Fedco) or just too slow (one site said 45 days to process orders!). I also got caught up in wondering where the seeds actually came from and whether or not I wanted seeds selected in or for a northern climate (Johnny's, Fedco).

Yep. I've got enough seeds. I'd rather spend my time doing something else. This week I plan to build a custom seed starting tray out of scrap materials at work. And dig the cold frame out from under the snow. And dream of even better irrigation.


  1. I'm with you on plants selected for a "foreign" zone. In Australia, this is probably my biggest gripe.Even within states, the zones can be as disparate as Manhattan and MumbaiBut every year, the central Queensland stores sell daffodil bulbs!

  2. And where pratell are those bulbs grown?!

  3. I probably should have said: the big growers are in Southern Victoria.Arghhh!


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