Saturday, March 12, 2011

Beach Farm Beginnings

It was pretty cold because of the bluster coming in off the ocean, but me and Betsy headed out early last Wednesday, before the big rains, to prep some beds for seeding and planting. Swiss Chard 'Rhubarb' seeds were planted, as well as more snap peas. We cleared beds of prodigious weeds (they do so well so early) for the coming spinach seeds, broccoli and leek starts. Minor thinking, also, about irrigation lines and a layout for the warm season vegetables. The cold and other must-accomplish things drove us back long before I was willing to finish thinking out the season.

The greens from last fall had survived the cold under the snow.

Last fall's late planted garlic is up.

The bond paper tubes deformed quite easily, in fact more easily that tp or pt roll tubes.

And so the snap pea 'Sugar Ann' were placed in their holes. Good luck, it's quite windy out there.


  1. The season has begun. Yahoo! And in time with your birthday. Happy Birthday. Hope the pea seedlings survive.

  2. Hooray, the garlic seedlings look great! Guess they survived the nasty winter we had! Looking forward to harvesting the scapes from the garlic.

  3. Yes Meems, I forgot about those!


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