Sunday, March 6, 2011

Start Dancing

The broccoli and leek starts are dancing in the warmer than expected weather.

The snap peas are up in the cut bond paper tubes. The roots come way out the bottoms.

Alright, just one, amongst the black mesh that keeps the cats from doing their business.

It's hard for me not to want to stop right here.


  1. All wonderful, and those first rows are so neat.

    And that paint! Yee ha.

  2. Oooh, I just started our leek seeds. I can't wait until they start sprouting.

  3. I'm so sad, most all my non-allium bulbs were dug up by the evil squirrel.

    One question though, I started my leeks and red onions indoors. Is it alright for me to put them outside now without protection? Or do I have to wait until next month for that?

  4. Thanks.

    Shana, how long ago did you start those onions?

  5. Started them February eleventh.

  6. Onions are a long season plant, and like other bulbs can overwinter once they have settled in. If your spot is well protected and south facing, you could probably put them in since the soil is workable. I might wait though, give them some time to harden off by putting them outside on warm days, bringing them in at night, then by the 15th, if its consistently hovering over 30, plant them. In the mean time, Give them a small amount of fish fertilizer because starter mix is not fertile.

  7. Thanks so much!

    I pretty much fertilize all my seedlings whenever I fertilize my other plants (about twice so far). I'll definitely go ahead and wait.


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