Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Gardens And Beasts

All the tulips and jonquils are blooming, and holding on quite well in these moderate temperatures. I have chosen not to photograph them this year, as you and I have done that dance in years before. But they are lovely, I promise.

This year, it's all about trails, and the beach farm's new promise. And some new expeditions through unknown locales. And, a very big if, should I figure out a way to convince our neighborhood cabal of cats from distributing their fecal fecundity in my poor plot, you will find those answers here too this season.

I've got one idea, of which I dislike, but it may just work.


  1. Hi Frank!

    That's a tough one.

    I hear that cats have a strong aversion to Rue and will avoid it...

    Not sure how high it is on you list of things to plant or take up space in the yard, but might be worth some investigation.

    We've got them in our yard - we take care of a colony of feral cats that I have had spayed/neutered.

    Fortunately for us they seem don't seem to leave many gifts in our yard (perhaps because they spend time hanging out in it?) When they do, they seem to use the same general area which fortunately happens to be all the way at the back underneath the ivy.

    When I recently dug out a holly, however, one of them was upon the freshly dug dirt within minutes of me going inside, ready to make a deposit. Sigh.

    At least they are inclined to bury it / cover it well. Too bad we can't use it for compost.

  2. Hi Aimee. It sounds like yours are mostly going somewhere else. I put in a patio surface so they stopped going in the center, but now they go everywhere else. I mean, we have about 20 cats roaming our corner, so its a great litter box for them.

    I'm mostly upset that they keep scratching up my young plants, but then no one wants to smell the stinkers either. But, they gotta go somewhere.

    How's your garden doing now?


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