Monday, April 11, 2011

Whoa, Tomatoes

They really are growing too fast for my liking as I imagine this point where it's outside or nothin'. Yesterday they spent the day outside, which I am hoping puts the breaks on their rapid ascent. Today I will put them out too.

The largest ones are approaching 7 inches tall, and a few sets of leaves. I had hoped not to pot up, but now I am thinking I will put soil in the plastic bin and just let the roots swirl around in there until May 1st. Roots are already beyond the bottoms of the tubes.


  1. I've stopped fertilizing mine. I hope that will slow their growth.

  2. Mine want what yours are having.

  3. I put mine out last that too ambitious?

  4. I think the potting soil I used had compost in it because this growth is beyond fish fertilizer, which is what they've been having.


    When you say you put them out, you mean planted in the ground? Or just sitting outside in the pot?

    Cause if you did put them in the ground, it is a bit early.

  5. I put them in the ground--they are doing pretty well, but the cucumbers are looking very sickly...odd.

  6. Aye Carumba Anonymous! Cukes in the ground in NYC region in April? Are you mad?!

    Well, now I am kidding around. But cukes really like heat, not this cold and damp stuff. They probably won't grow at all, just sit and rot.

    Tomatoes like heat too, but they can overcome the cold somewhat, but with the damp, I sure hope your soil is well-drained. The rule generally is nights over 50 degrees F for the warm season plants -that includes cukes, tomatoes, eggplant, peppers and others.


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