Saturday, April 9, 2011


This is a prototype of a sign for our sidewalk. It's laser etched into a cedar shake and about 10 inches square. Please tell me what you think. Yes, these can be made for sale. Now, if I could only know which visuals cats understand...


  1. It's a cool idea (the wood and the lasor-imaging--very pretty), but the image itself almost makes me think it's for a dog proctologist and not a message about picking up dogpoop. I wonder if an image of the dog in a less compromising position and maybe a little scat on the side with a gloved hand reaching in might work better? To me, the sign seems to imply that you ought to put your hand directly under your dogs butt as he strains to get one out and catch the poop as it falls. But maybe I'm being too squeemish?

  2. Brilliant!. I don't suppose my cat may advertise these on his blog?

  3. Then again, your sign did have me thinking, so maybe the image is kind of humorous and effective? Perhaps my squeemishness comes from my own instincts to look away when an animal is doing its business, almost like I'm invading its privacy, as if its a person and might be embarrased.

  4. I need something like this for all the people throwing cigarette butts out their window into the garden. Seriously, who does that?

  5. Hahaha, I have to show my husband. This is awesome!

  6. Sweetgum, I see your point, and dogs do have that look of embarrassment when going. But I must admit I was thinking of the simplest pictographic form that, however crude, gets the message out. It's a prototype too, so I can adjust the drawing. I could put a DQ style soft serve swirl in the hand...

    I wanted to emphasize the "people" part, so the hand is big, as in -it's your hand that keeps the poop off the sidewalk.

    But you know what, since I put it out, just leaning it in the garden, there's been an increase of poop on the corner, so who knows.

    So maybe I just need to laugh to deal with the relentless dirty folks out there who can't clean up after their baby.

    Marie, Estorbo can do whatever he likes :)

    Shana, hmm, cigarette butts. So would that sign face the sky?

    Thanks Meems, show away!

  7. Estorbo says may he publish your email or an email with the picture in case anyone would like to order this remarkable piece of verite??

  8. Estorbo, I'll send your companion an email.

  9. I love it. Wish I'd had your sign when we lived in Brooklyn and our garden received endless abuse. Can you explain how the laser etching works?

  10. Brian,

    nice planters you have there. The laser process is simple if you are a user, complex if you are engineering the laser.

    Simply put, it uses a concentrated light beam to burn pixel locations into a material, such as wood or paper, even stone. Imagine it like a printer, but instead of ink, a laser beam.

  11. how do I order one???

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