Friday, April 8, 2011

Tree 101

Can anyone help identify this tree? I think it is a weed tree, but only guessing this because of its preponderance at the flanks of a highway overpass and the visual yuck factor. Its bark is yellow-green -no leaves just yet. The largest one I saw was about 15 feet tall.



Three in one image.

If its a weed, the next time we are moving a trail, I can suggest that we don't need to replant them, as had been the case on our last outing. As it turns out, expertise in native and non-native plants its pretty useful on trail projects.


  1. The bark is suggestive of a young Ailanthus, but could also be a Willow. Any blooms on it?

  2. Tricky. It's not yelling Ailanthus at me...

  3. Thanks bloggers.

    I can spot an ailanthus at 100 yards, definitely not. No blooms just yet. I'll be at this location on May 7th. I'll update, and we'll go for round two. Leaves will be telling.

  4. Pretty effective data, thanks so much for your article.


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