Wednesday, June 22, 2011

First Walk

The weather has been odd, on again off again raining, sometimes cool, sometimes almost tropically moist. We arrived in the evening after three days of travel, two nights of camping, one stop at Allerton State Park in Illinois (post later). First thing, after morning coffee, was to hit the woods to get reacquainted.

Betsy investigating the vernal pond for tadpole activity.

Garlic Mustard, as prevalent here as anywhere east.

One thing we had noticed was the cottonwood seeds. While driving, literally, like a snowing.

Rex's humor litters the woods, and betrays his awareness that several neighbors travel his trails.

It refers partially to this.

Jewelweed grows in some locations near the wetlands woods boundary.

Any idea what this plant is, growing in shady woods, growing about 18 inches tall?

These are the leaves.

And, any ideas on the name of this fern, the predominant fern of these deciduous woods?

The small wetland has standing water, which I have never seen at this time of the year.

It has been a very snowy winter, and wet spring, as many of you know from the reports from Mississippi River towns, and now Missouri River towns. Here, at our place in the Big Woods, the excess rain results in constant sump pumping and a brook-like flow in drainages that are normally dry by now.  The drainage burbles. Or is it babbles?


  1. Maybe Hydrophyllum virginianum? Waterleaf?

  2. I believe the fern is hay-scented fern, very common here in MA, and in my native perennial garden and neighboring woods. My favorite spot of it is in a deep crease on the vertical side of a granite outcropping, where it seems impossible that anything might grow. Roll a piece between your fingers to confirm.

  3. I, too, thought Hydrophyllum. Edible leaves, btw! And yes also to hay scented fern aka Dennstaedtia punctiloba. I'm surrounded by it here in PA. It's invasive, but so beautiful I can't bring myself to hate it.

  4. Thanks everyone. Haven't had much time for the fun things like IDing.


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