Thursday, July 21, 2011

Cool As A Cucumber

The beach farm, hitting its stride now, but with garlic pulled and chard starting to bolt. Green beans are late, thanks to me, and same with the basil, and peppers, because of my fixation on cool season vegetables. Don't look at the corn, which belongs to my neighbor, although it feels like it's part of our little allotment. Corn has a lot of presence.

Last weekend I built the cucumber trellis, with limited means and limited space. Its a V shape, with 6-inch netting stapled to it. Hard to believe the cukes are only four weeks old.

We have two varieties, which I can hardly remember now. Maybe Wisconsin pickling and Salad Bush slicer. So far, I think only the Wisconsins are fruiting, like the one above.


  1. Nice trellis. Garden looks good and green. Enjoy that garlic!

  2. You have a sign which says Beach Farm? Have you posted about it before? If you did I missed it, and HOW did I miss your farm??? I don't get it.

    Pretty cucumber. Mine are so le weird: one plant give me bitter as hell fruit, the other is fine.

    [The captcha is gaspr, which would sum up today, nicely.]

  3. The signs been there since late May. I had a spurt of sign making. Tilden is a little bit of a Bermuda Triangle.

    I've had lousy cukes before, bitter too, somehow related to poor growth conditions (I think...). These are tasty, and given the condition of our tomatoes, you'll be eatin cukes when you and Vince come by. Next week sometime??

  4. Wow - those are some beauties! The trellis is pretty awesome too. Looks like a decent sized plot you have there, and it's filling out nicely! Happy harvesting!

  5. I am so loving your trellis! What kind of netting is that? I too am loving your sign. Very nice!


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