Friday, July 29, 2011

The Haul Returns

One way to look at it -with basket. Yes, we bought a basket. We looked at them in a Target in Minnesota, but they were not worth taking home and often smelled funny. Then, on a lone road in the driftless of Iowa, an Amish family was selling produce and baskets. Ours, made by Fannie, a 9 year old girl. Yup, it's signed on the bottom in blue ball point  "Fannie, Age 8, 11-12-10." And the construction -flawless, a very good basket.

Another view, exploded. Sungold cherry and orange pixie salad. Smaller cukes pickled. Everything else, just waitin' for a mouth.


  1. Holy maracas! What are you going to DO with the tomatoes and cucumbers? I ate a salad bowlful of my tiny haul last night and was...No mas, I am full. Canning? sauce? Small restaurant? Looks wonderful, and love the basket. My mom has a basket fetish. Manymany beautiful baskets. Good lord, I dreamed about a basket (flat for cut flowers, and round for mushrooms). That's weird.

    Hey, should we bring some buffalo mozz next week, or is that boring?

  2. We ate most of the small ones in a salad, err salads. I am pickling a bunch of cukes, another large in a salad.

    Baskets for mushrooms, yes -I learned that from the mushroom guys of MN. Symbology of baskets- no doubt runs deep.

    Buff mozz is never boring. We've not had it yet this season. I think I may make a practice run of the lamb ribs this weekend. If its good, prepare for it, I'll buy more.

    Please bring whatever you wish. We have cooler. Leftovers no problem. Drinks?? We'll coordinate next week.

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  4. My goodness! What a haul of goodies. Color me jealous!!


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