Friday, July 1, 2011

Many Happy Returns

Today will be our last full day in Minnesota. We are watching a growing Chicken of the Woods, one of the kind we found last year, with hopes to eat it tonight. It will not travel. My camera has died, or more specifically, it has finally been put down due to the E18 error -simply, dirt in the lens mechanism. Who should expect dirt in the lens mechanism? A blogging gardener.

Our trip is never long enough, so full of house repair, car repair, it is never all done. I drove the Ford 8N for the first time. Wow, me on a tractor. I get ideas. I'd like to go canoeing on one of the lakes before tomorrow, but that is seeming less and less likely -I should be doing that, not internetting at the coffee shop.  Tomorrow, am, we head out towards Iowa. Taking the scenic route, passing Laura Ingalls Wilder place, destination Seed Savers Exchange headquarters and farm. Camping on the Volga River, then a visit to the University where I will have an exhibit next winter. After that, we rocket home in our trusty minivan, which will turn 170,000 this return trip. Here's to reliability.

What will the gardens hold in store for us upon our return? Will do my best to find out before my return to work. Happy Fourth, but then, happy first too.


  1. How funny. The kids and I fly to Minneapolis on Thursday to visit my brother and sister, then drive to Rochester, MN to visit sister #2, then on to NE Iowa to visit my parents on the farm where I grew up. The kids might love the Seed Savers Farm. Thanks!

  2. Exceptionally. NE Iowa, unique place, I think.


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