Sunday, August 28, 2011

For The Record Rehash

I believe Irene will have completely essentially passed us by 9 am tomorrow 12 noon this morning. It's been a long 4 days since Irene was hanging around the bahamas, and the path of the storm was pretty clear at that time. The weather folks are making much of the rain, and there will be some moderate flooding, especially north and west as they say on the news. The chances of major salt water flooding is diminishing, except in the most typical areas. If wind is your thing, watch for it tonight, after midnight, to see the thrashing. Also, if your building is significantly tall, the more wind you'll actually get. Expect gusts around 30-60 mph.

 Looks about right on top of us. But little in its wake.

Coordinates: 40.3°N 74.1°W. Watch out Christie, she's riding up the GS Parkway.

Passing over NYC, 8:51 am. Start planning your Sunday afternoon.

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