Sunday, August 28, 2011

Moving On

I had nothing planned for today, so I took a walk in Prospect Park with Betsy after the walk around the neighborhood didn't satisfy. The basic image is asphalt covered in a blanket of small branches and leaves. Cars with whole leaves plastered to their sides like green decals. There are trees down too, but mostly large limbs fallen, especially at the high points, like Lookout Hill or along the road near the baseball fields. We didn't venture too far into the woods because the winds were still blowing. I picked up a large osage orange fruit. They've been shaken from their limbs. 

Should I have been surprised how many babies and toddlers were running around, center of the storm having just passed? 

A NYC news reporter said this morning that dogs were running around without leashes in response to a question about the condition of the streets in lower Manhattan. Then he asked a fireman if the road he was on would be closed because of flooding and the half-bored fireman lazily said it would close itself. The reporter repeated this (incredulous?) and then bid them to be safe. 

This too shall pass.


  1. I was watching CNN and bemused early this morning to see behind a reporter a man casually strolling his dog in Battery Park City right after the reporter announced gravely that the area had been evacuated. Quick pan away from the man with dog behind the reporter, and they were back to the "news."

    How did your plants do? Aside from a few missing rose petals, all mine were spared (I'm in Kensington and just brought most of them close to the house - those on the second story terrace I moved inside).

  2. They've seemed to fare well, just a little tangled. Those against the house, facing south, look as if nothing was a stir.

  3. The news reporters were awful during this storm. Really bad commentary. Glad the storm wasn't too bad, for the most part.

  4. Thanks, Frank, for your level-headed commentary through the whole hurricane. It was a comforting balance after watching CNN, etc. We were just fine out here in our NJ garden. Lots of twigs to pickup but no major damage and no flooding.

  5. Gave me a chance to be a weather geek, which I've been (to some degree) since a teenager. Glad to hear it wasn't so bad for everyone down here.


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