Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Occidental Philistine

I've noticed recently that I haven't been prompted for any updates on my imac in about a year. I clicked software update and saw that it was empty. I googled it. Wow. Apple isn't writing any more software updates for my computer, not even itunes. Then I tried to watch a video online, and the site prompted me to update my adobe flash. I tried, but adobe said my system wasn't supported anymore. Oh. Cast out, left behind.

I sold my gas-guzzling '77 Ford F250 to buy this imac in 2004 when they were first G-fived and priced high. Intending to get 10 years out of this computer, I've just installed the last OS (10.5.?)  written for the G5 imac, crossing my fingers that the web won't drive this computer over a cliff before its time.

Many of you may be wondering where the hell all those awesome photos I used to publish have gone. Well, my 7 year-old camera, which is 49 in technology years, died about a month or so ago. At first, I replaced it with my wife's 8 year-old (56) camera. But that poor camera couldn't survive the lonely life of a widow, and took its own life just a few weeks after. Occasionally I find myself holding a no name camera that I believe my mother got for free when she bought something, maybe a hamburger. It says it has a 5 megapixel sensor, but that is only true at 72 ppi, which translates into a max printed image of 4 x 6 inches. It blows out the whites, has fixed focus (infinity) and generally sucks.

Although I can be quite wordy, believe me when I say that most of my posts have been built around the pictures. In fact, it was the digital camera that pushed me toward blogging.

And today, I see that Blogger has introduced a new blogger interface, with which I write. On first approach it seems that if they were going for clean, they may have gone too far. Of course, the blog looks the same, and I just may get used to the new interface. What I really want Blogger to come up with is an app for iphone should I get one of those some day, you know, after the money falls off a truck.

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