Thursday, September 1, 2011

Trees Of Irene

Last Sunday morning no one was out. I think the only other time this happens is in the midst of a strong snowstorm. On a Sunday morning.

I stood on my stoop watching this eighty foot silver maple react to the wind. Windstorms over the last two years have taken out many of the silver maples that had been growing in the backyards of the quad (our small four blocks). 

It thrashed, flagellating itself on the brick building, but did not break. I suspect it has something to do with the warp of its trunk, which upwardly curves toward the southwest.

Tuesday's Litter Mob allowed us to get our hands sappy clearing one large white oak from a paved path in the Midwood. Nearby, a red oak had fallen across a wood-chipped path. It's always sad to see these trees come down, but the work was a welcome relief from picking up the trash left behind by cruisers.

Green-wood Cemetery has taken some damage as well, a good amount of it from Sunday afternoon's north westerly winds. All in all, however, it appears our neighborhood's trees have fared pretty well.

Up next, tales from the beach farm...

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