Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Eh? Cool Coming?

I hadn't noticed. Seems one of the defining characteristics of not having a working computer at home is me not noticing what the weather will be doing in the near future. I hear there will be cool nights coming, sometime around this weekend? Yup, summer's sure over. I remember begging for winter to hang on last March for the sake of its tranquility. I'll admit I cannot stop stealing glances at all the garlic hanging from my ceiling. I want to plant it. NOW. I will fill up my entire plot. And then some.

Calling all yarders, empty lotters, small time farmers with room to spare. Let me entertain you. Please?


  1. I'm on Long Island, and yes, cooler temps are coming! The weather folks promise overnight temperatures in the 40s this weekend. Cool and crisp -- enjoy it!

  2. Hey..maybe a coffee shop or bulletin board in your neighborhood might assist in finding your plots really nearby? Good luck! (Believe you me, if it doesn't rain tomorrow and then get cool, I know I will be annoyed. I put off a bike trip watching the dang weather report.)


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