Thursday, March 8, 2012

Auspicious Times

Today I ordered my lunch salad as I tend to do. Healthy salad, for the newly minted 42 year old. When I got to the register they charged me more than the usual. They said I ordered six items, and the deal is for five. Whatever, sometimes I can't even name five, but on principle, I counted the items, and they relented.

When I got to work, I opened the salad and out crawled the sixth item. A ladybug! And probably upset with the balsamic pesticide they dumped on, too! I thought, oh, that is good luck, a ladybug in my salad -probably in there to eat all the aphids! Being the animal lover that I am, I had to concoct a scheme to put the red critter outside without leaving my open-windowless space. The best I could come up with was this:

I removed the pipe from the outgoing port, dropped the ladybug in, replaced the pipe to the port, and turned on the blower. It must've been quite a ride, and I do hope it was a success. If so, the critter would have ten stories to figure out it needs to open its wings. Maybe then it can find its way to all those young rose tips full of the aphid undead on Manhattan terraces. Good luck!


  1. !!! How about standing up and walking the bug outside!!!!

    This is very funny.

  2. Sorry to say that I cannot leave work to go outside without figuring out how to evict students. All the while the lady bug crawls away.

    1. Ah, the mystery explained. You're really not allowed to leave them alone for even a bit?

  3. Yep. The buck stops here. Lost fingers, fingertips sanded off, hair twisted into spindles, shards in the eyes. I leave and this happens, it's on me.

    Four hundred arch students and tool inexperience is a bad combo.


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