Friday, March 9, 2012

Dreams Of Nightmares

Last night I had dreams of riding a tractor, or trying to make whatever it was I was on behave like a tractor. Somehow, the dream shifted to the beach farm. The plots were mostly cleared, but mine was still in place. I walked away for a minute and by the time I got back all my garlic was piled and the soil all swept away. Underneath the soil were hardwood floors! Was this a dream about gentrification? There was a group of people, apparently connected to Ft. Tilden congregating around a woman. I cursed this woman loudly for not even having the courtesy to warn us before they swept away our soil. Then I woke.

Otherwise, I had a really nice birthday, yesterday.


  1. Happy Birthday. One of the warmest for you I'd bet. I hope your garden members and yourself can find a way to come to an agreement with parks that might ensure next year's garlic crop. I know you don't want to organize, but maybe you need to? Whatever happens, I hope it's a good year for you and the garlic and your dreams.

  2. Thanks Karen. I don't know if this was a metaphorical sweeping away of the garlic or not -it was a dream after all.

    Yes, it was probably the warmest birthday I've ever had!

  3. Happy belated birthday wishes! I love garlic. Plant around 365 cloves in my garden. One bulb for every day. Did I mention I love garlic. It does great keeping the vampires away. Unfortunately for you it didn't keep "that woman" away.

  4. Trey, you're short one this year! Well, I hope it keeps the bad luck away. Thanks for the birthday wishes and stopping by. Happy spring!


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