Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Quietly Heating Up At The Beach Farm

All the lettuce has been planted.

Cannot believe how fast the broccoli rabe has budded -must have been the warm, dry days. It's the best tasting rabe I've ever nibbled.

I pruned back our sage and as happens, it has gone to flower.

IDed this once before, but now cannot remember.

The greens have really taken off. Thanks to the warm weather and last week's clipping, some of the red-leafed variety are setting up to bolt. This is a really big bowl -about 8 big salads' worth.

Otherwise it's quiet at the beach farm. I sit on the ground scissoring lettuce leaf and chard, eyeballing the garlic, wondering why the snap peas grow so slow. The cilantro is finally at an edible size, and basil has been planted. I hooked up my watering system, quite tentatively, but to issue something should this heavy rain we just received be the only rain. All is well at the beach farm.

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