Monday, May 28, 2012


What is it about these greenhouse heirloom tomatoes? I began seeing them last year at Fairway, although these were at Amagansett Farm Stand, which is hardly a farm stand, but an overpriced food trend outlet for summer residents and weekend trippers.

There they were, on the first day of open season summering, looking enough like the real thing from a distance to draw you in, but up close have a disturbing mix of right shape, wrong skin. Is it just me or do you feel somewhat (but not completely) repulsed by hothouse heirlooms? Is it more of a purist's stance than anything to do with the qualities of such a tomato?


  1. it is, or should be, all about flavor. call me snooty, a foodie, purist, or just sentient. i forgo all "fresh" tomatoes October-July, and hope for early harvests in August.

    1. And the concept of heirloom not quite merging with the concept of hothouse and 2 thousand miles of travel.


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