Sunday, May 27, 2012

Rain Date

Today I am heading out east with dual
purpose. I am handing my mom, who has been sharing our small apartment for the last month, to my brother, where she will stay for the next week before returning to Florida. We will sit in memorial day traffic, we will pick up my brother, we will stop for lunch, and then we will visit the Amagansett farm where I expect to be growing next year's garlic.

I want a soil sample for testing nitrogen (the only significant nutrient for growing garlic in generally good soil), organic content, and pH. I would also like my mother to have an image of where I am when I am not answering calls.

I used to be a better tourist. I used to go to the country to see the country, or to look for it. In recent years I've begun to need a purpose in the country, some kind of work. Something to do gives me vision, helps me see. In the sun, between two waters, fingers in the earth.

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