Wednesday, October 31, 2012



This is the basement at the studio. A floating door says keep out! I snuck upstairs to do some things, but couldn't take the odor of fuel oil and left after 15 minutes.

I spent half a day in Red Hook to help my cousin out. He lives on Van Brundt. There is a topography to this neighborhood which explains how high the water was at the surge. The Fung Wah bus depot was in one of the worst locations. All their buses here were inundated nearly 6 feet. A black, oily line rides about half way up on everything submerged.

Water being pumped out of basements is laden with fuel oil. The scent is everywhere. Then I realize it's on my shoes. My cousin walked his dog after the surge receded, finding his pup's paws were covered in fuel oil. The news has had little presence in Red Hook, but fortunately the gas company was down there in droves.

I saw a beach farm gardening neighbor who lives in Breezy Point on the news last night. It was a relief. There are so many at Ft. Tilden who live on the coastline. We feel a need to go down there and check on things, but more so a hope to connect with some of our gardening friends. We hope to be able to walk over the bridge without be turned back -it's worth a try. It's also something to do to regain a sense of one's territory. We know authorities do not want people going to their homes to see the damage, but it is an important step in regaining a sense of control.


  1. You are right, Frank. People do need to re-connect. For some, this is impossible, but those who can...good luck.
    The community where I live(N. Qld) is no stranger to rough weather but we can do no more than wish you all well.

    1. If I remember right, North Queensland has gotten some serious cyclones.


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