Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Ugly Day

We fared quite well in Kensington, Brooklyn. If only that was the case for us all. We know there are problems all over the city and region. Sirens blaring all morning. Fire a big concern. Not only did Breezy Point inundate, at least 50 homes burned down in wind driven electrical fires. Rockaway Park may still be burning in places. All subway tunnels flooded. Fourteenth street power station had a major substation explosion. Transformer explosions all night all across the region - many thought it was lightning, but there wasn't much in the way of thunderstorms in our area.

We took a walk around the neighborhood, where most everything seems in order. Except for our new dawn rose, which was in flower again, and fallen over. We knocked it back hard to get it up against the house again, at which time we got caught in one of the hard, cold rain squalls affecting the area.

I spoke with Larry, our local nurseryman. He left Breezy Point yesterday morning. He thinks his house is east of the fires, but he's not sure. He is sure that all of the peninsula had been inundated. I'm wondering about getting out there, but that seems unlikely and even unreasonable at this time.


  1. Hey Frank, Joe made it over the bridge on bike earlier in day. The beach did not see the kind of devestation that breezy and other parts of rockaways that were flooded and caught fire.

  2. Glad to read you are okay Frank. Be safe out there.


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