Friday, April 12, 2013


I am told via internet birdie that a 9 pound package is on my doorstep. I hope not! In fact, I hope Mr. UPS rang the bell of a neighbor, and dropped it inside. These are seed potatoes, my first. Betsy has grown potatoes before, in gardens and sculptures, so I will defer to her experience.

Tomorrow I go back to the patio work, with more hopes of wrapping that up. Then, on Monday I must get out to the farm -I am thinking about it night and day. So much happens between winter and summer, also known as the last three weeks. I seed tomatoes this Sunday. The peppers I seeded last week are up! And just as they did a friend contacted me from New Mexico with a stash of green chile seed to offer. So, I will seed peppers again. And the onions, so many have croaked, but just as many have made it and the warm sun of the last days really perked them up. I reseeded the empty cells, knowing that it is probably too late for large bulbs (day-length sensitive, these onions, and need to size up the plant before they size up the bulb at solstice).

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