Friday, June 28, 2013

Farm Camp

This was our farm camp, not far from the town of Montauk or the farm. We tried to keep things simple, after all, this was a work trip.

It's truly nice, however, when you have warm showers and toilets, cleaned every day, at your work camp.

And of course, there was also the ocean and sandy beach.

After the first night of camping it is inevitable that we will rise early, before sunrise, and jump at the chance to see the sights by first light.

To the west southwest.

To the east, north east.

Lathyrus japonicus, Beach Pea.

And of course, Beach Rose, Rosa rugosa, in abundance.


Monday morning. The first task of the week was to find florists in the Hamptons who may be interested in our Allium Ampeloprasum (ahem, Elephant garlic) scapes. The garlic scape sales weren't too hot, so it was worth trying a non-culinary approach to selling these more robust flower stalks. We clipped a bunch, put them in a water jug, and drove from florist to florist. We made one sale, to a florist named Alejandra in East Hampton. I was somewhat surprised by rejection of these stems, especially at the florist with the spare, sculptural aesthetic who's main concern was stems smelling of garlic (they do not) in a hot room (well, maybe a little bit). We gave him our samples and called it a day because we had another task to tackle -find a barn in the area that we could rent to cure the garlic. That turned to out less successful than the our florist hunt. We did, however, get to introduce ourselves to many of the farmers in the area and that has value.

We made some lunch and headed to the Parrish Art Museum, of which I'd always known, yet had never visited when it was at the former site, and thought it was high time to do so.

The Birch and Aspen leaves tap dance in the constant breeze.

A storm brewed to our north. 

Which put on impressive clouds at the beach by the time of our return.

But it cleared up and we climbed into the tent just after sundown. 

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