Saturday, October 19, 2013

Garlic Seed Stock For Sale

I have nearly two hundred of the highest quality, organically grown, seed-sized garlic bulbs for sale. Because I decided to scale back my production this coming season, yet my garlic seed was already on order, I paid for 2 times more garlic than I can plant. Now, I am offering this garlic seed for sale to you at my cost. I will not put this garlic for sale on my culinary garlic site, Hudson Clove. If you are interested in planting garlic, but haven't ordered any (you will find most sources have long ago sold out), send an email to with the strain and quantity you are interested in. I will email you back. Late October into November is the ideal time to plant garlic in our area, so you will receive your garlic exactly at the right time. $3.50 per bulb plus shipping if necessary.

I will receive additional varieties and strains later in the week and will add those to this list. Expect to see a few Artichoke (Lorz, Red Toch) , Silverskin (Nootka Rose, Silverwhite), Asiatic (Asian Tempest, Japanese), and Rocambole (Killarney Red). Below are photographs of the bulbs for sale, the strain, variety and quantity. 

Georgian Fire, Porcelain varietal (20 bulbs)

German Extra Hardy, a Porcelain varietal (17 bulbs)

Chesnok Red, a Purple Stripe varietal (26 bulbs)

 Russian Red, a Rocambole varietal (28 bulbs)

 Siberian, a Marbled Purple Stripe varietal (60 bulbs)

Xian, a Turban varietal (7 bulbs)

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