Saturday, October 26, 2013

New, New Amsterdam Market

Once again we shuttle our savory wares down to the old Fulton Fish Market to participate in the autumnal season of New Amsterdam Market days. It should be cool and sunny tomorrow, perfect weather for strolling NYC and eating. 

Today I finished bundling and labeling all the garlic, carried it down four flights, loaded the van and now at home. Each variety is offered as a labeled bundle of three and I hope people take to the idea. The remaining garlic is small to medium-sized (you always sell the biggest bulbs first, smaller bulbs store longer), so a bundle of three amounts anywhere from a tenth to a fifth of a pound. Put another way, from $1.90 to $3.80, but we round down to nearest quarter so we don't have to handle small change. 

Of course, we also have several pounds of French Grey Shallots and Elephant Garlic, but sadly no saffron yet. I checked on it this morning after I delivered seed garlic to gardeners at Tilden. It's close, but probably another week. I've decided to plant all my remaining saffron crocus in the side garden. Who wouldn't want crocus in the fall, and since they will be planted where I am unwilling to eat them, I won't be tempted to snip snip. 

So here's to a grand market day. Lots of chatting keeps us busy, makes my voice hoarse by day's end. I say this a lot so it is worth saying here -so few eat garlic raw but that is where you find the major taste differences. Only do some retain flavor distinction once thoroughly cooked. I grow different varieties mainly because of storage length so that I always have my own garlic throughout most of the year. 

If you're looking for a foodie activity tomorrow, come on down (old Fulton Fish Market at Peck Slip) anywhere from 11 am to 4 pm. There will be 50 food vendors on top of the fish event (Gathering of the Fisheries). Apparently someone is going to butcher a yellow fin tuna. Then there is Ceres, the sailing ship that has transported 15 tons of vegetables and other farm goods all the way from Lake Champlain. 

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