Monday, July 2, 2012

After The Cure

These 'Tuscan' had their curing finished off by a week in our air-conditioning. I can now cut the leaves and roots off.

Standards dictate that marketed garlic have their stems cut to 1/4-inch. However, I've been struggling with a low-cost method to package variety packs of garlic. Today, I decided I would break standard, leaving a length of neck so that I could tie them together and label the bunch. I'm pleased.

I also experimented with some Allium vineale that I had sitting around. I gave some to Marie to see what she could concoct with this cured weed. I've saved the largest for replanting.

And I thought it cute that the colors of the garlic matched quite well the colors of the wood and silicone rubber stamps I made two weeks ago. The stamps will make writing labels for 10-head bundles easier.

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