Wednesday, September 7, 2011


The old adage that you find only when you are not looking is particularly true for mushrooms. I found this puffball, probably Calvatia gigantea, while portaging our kayak in a field of crabgrass.

At home, the next day, I was to eat my first puff, which are usually more rounded.

It's mildly suggestive, no?

The underside shows its almost non-existent stem.

And the inside -how wonderful is that.  The odd shape of this puffball is responsible for the hole.  Usually these are solid all the way through.

One website suggested peeling the distinctive, outer layer. But peeling it was like peeling a hard-boiled egg when the shell won't let go. Probably unnecessary. I then sliced it.

This mushroom is a must eat. Not so much for the flavor, which is a good, mild woodsy taste, but because of its texture when cooked -it becomes almost creamy, almost. Amazing.



  1. Uh!(Expression of regret at not having eaten any)

  2. I went standard as I do often for new mushrooms. Butter in a pan (but I ate it with Marie's chicken and olives).


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